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Mini mermaid Japanesque

Lovely little mermaid doll. About 16cm.
Black long hair and sakura chirimen bottom.
Mini mermaid

Materials and pattern

Pattern is here. Print on A4 paper.

Making the base

Refer to Mini doll making. The head and arms are the same.

Sew the parts and turn inside out.

Glue the caudal fin. Trim it.
Stuff with fiberfill.
Stuffed parts


If you would make her breast rather big, put two pills of cotton batting in between the stretch fabric and the lining.
The glue them.
Breast pad2 mounts


Draw the features with acrylic or felt pen.

Stitch the head to the body.
Stitch the bottom to the body.
Stitch the arms to the shoulders.
Glue the bunch of yarn to the head.

Put on the accessories you like.
Japanesque mermaid

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