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Mermaid Costume

Gorgeous costume of mermaid in human size.
180cm length (contains caudal fin 45cm). It is not washable.
Become a mermaid


This is an example of making in my way.

The base is knit fabric.
This is recycle from a skirt of wool jersey.

The fins and scales are transparent and metallic cloth.
I used polyester organdy.


Making the base

Sew the base like a long skirt.
Its bottom is sewed triangle.
The length is longer than your legs.
You may stuff the end with polyester fiberfill softly.
Pass an elastic tape through the waist.

Stitch the caudal fin.
Caudal fin
Then draw the lines on the fin with golden acrylic paint.

Attach scales

Draw the circles (5 - 8cm) on organdy cloth with golden acrylic.
Cut out them after dries.

Stitch the circles to the base with a transparent thread.
Over 200 scales are required.
Stitch the scale

Next, I would like to make brassiere of scallop. I don't know when.

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